There is certainly nothing more romantic and thrilling than enjoying one of our popular Wine Tours on Long Island. Enjoying the sights, sounds and amazing tastes in a limousine will heighten your spirits and allow you to relax and enjoy the journey. On this incredible vineyard tour, you will enjoy the spectacular sights of the Eastern End of Long Island. We have put together fun and interesting packages for you gain the best enjoyment from the 718-Wine-Tours.


718 Wine Tours 

Not only will you be enjoying this Wine Tour in a grand style, but thanks to our attractive limousine you’ll also enjoy the highest quality.

There is surely nothing more spectacular than enjoying a vineyard tour with the sun setting. Enjoy the fresh and mature tastes of some of the finest wines available in Long Islands.

Our 718-Wine-Tours are suitable for any special occasion, including holidays, birthdays, anniversary, mother’s day or bachelor parties.  Perhaps you are looking at renewing your wedding vows? At 718-Wine-Tours we will set the most romantic scene for you in our delightful and custom-designed limousines. Or maybe you want to visit the east end with your mother. Allow your mom to feel like a queen and arrange a stunning wine tasting tour.

Wine has long been thought to be the drink of the Gods. Its your turn now too  be part of the enjoyable world of fine wine tasting. Proving secure and luxurious modes of transport, the 718-Wine-Tours are set to take you to the next level of enjoyment. A perfect getaway for the romantic at heart or the ideal adventure for those who share a love for wine tasting. The 718-Wine-Tours will provide and offer all you expect from a wine tasting experience in the Long Islands vineyards. Offer that special person something different – a day in our beautiful vineyards will prove to be the perfect day getaway.

Break away from the hustle and bustle of New York City and book one of the many 718-Wine-Tours. You will be taking your senses to the next level with sheer enjoyment and luxury all the way.