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Long Island New York is famous worldwide for the producing and exporting class quality wines and spirits. 718-LI-WINE-TOURS will provide you knowledge of the processes of wine making, history and give you the chance to thrill your taste buds in the many different types of wines available in the world today. Sit back and relax in our luxurious Limousine, Limo Bus vehicles and enjoy a personalized tour while a knowledgeable guide speaks about Wine Tours on Long Island.


Dozens of Long Islands wineries will be visited where you can sample hundreds of different types of wines. Complemented by wine is cheeses and other fine foods that will provide you with tastes never to be forgotten.

Perhaps after such a glorious experience one may even decide to take things a step further. Why not become a Long Island enthusiast wine taster. Our qualified 718-LI-WINE-TOUR guides can explain to you the exciting and various Winery Tour Packages available so that you can take your knowledge a step further in one of the most timeless industries today.

Wine making is more than just a process. It is a fine art that requires skill patience, and naturally the finest quality grapes and fruit. Long Island New York boasts some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world, lazily stretching over many miles of territory. Naturally these produce wines of superior quality enjoyed not just locally but world wide today.

Dial 718-LI-WINE-TOURS now and book your occasion. We will do our best to cater for your required Wine Tasting Tour Package whether you are a Wine Tasting Enthusiast or would just like to experience a day to remember.