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Anyone not familiar with Long Island would probably laugh if told that there are more than thirty wineries there and that there were special winery tours. Long Island is after all one of the most densely populated areas in the country. It is in fact more populous than some entire island countries, such as Ireland and Jamaica. The majority of these people are however squeezed into the south western end of the island, in the area around New York City.

At the opposite end, namely the north east, there are extensive vineyards and the region is home to some of the finest wines in America. Tourists and residents alike have a variety of leisure attractions on offer to them in the countryside. One such activity is winery tours. Long Island Vineyard Tours is geared to offering superior full service tours of some or all of the fine wineries in the area. The service is available to small intimate parties or large tour groups, and can be tailored to meet specific needs.

The island wine country encompasses a number of villages that, together with some traditional truck farming activity, helps the area retain some rural charm. This atmosphere is suitably bolstered by the number of family businesses that there are still to be found here. This none more so than in the number of excellent restaurants and eateries that abound here and that are integrated into the winery tours. Long Island Vineyard Tours are well acquainted with the local restaurateurs and will gladly recommend a specialist venue if this is required.

For visitors wanting to fly in for winery tours, Long Island has three commercial airports. There are the well known John F. Kennedy and La Guardia airports, and the lesser known Macarthur airport in Suffolk County. The island actually has a very proud avionic history. The present day Roosevelt Field Mall is the site of the defunct Roosevelt Airfield from where Charles Lindbergh took off on his historic flight to France in 1927. Other well known aviators who operated from the island were Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes.

On the subject of transport, for winery tours, Long Island Vineyard Tours are able to offer a wide selection of vehicles from which to choose for that special experience. The choice ranges from an intimate 1950’s Classic automobile, to a luxury touring coach, and pretty much anything in between. This is not an idle boast. As a division of Metro Limousine Service L I Vineyard Tours has access to a large fleet of specialist vehicles.

In addition to a range of standard winery tours, Long Island Vineyard Tours is ideally equipped to tailor packages to meet almost any need. A requirement may simply be to include a particular restaurant in an itinerary, or perhaps a tour of a specific winery with private tasting and specialist cuisine. The aim is to provide a truly pleasant and memorable experience.

In the event someone may want to arrange his or her own winery tours, hLong Island Vineyard Tours is able to provide a choice of Designated Driver programs.