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NYS winery tours

Have you ever taken a wine tour? If you haven’t, then you should! It’s a truly amazing and relaxing experience! NYS winery tours are much advertised and popular at the moment yet a lot of people still haven’t even experienced one tour yet.

A NYS winery tour is a lovely tour that you go to do on a wine farm. It will depend on the time of day that you take the tour. If you do a morning tour then you will end with lunch if you choose to. If you take the afternoon tour then you will start with lunch. You will be taken on an excursion through the vineyards and if it’s the right time of the year then you might even be able to taste some grapes off the vine.

You will then be lead down to the cellar and rooms used to make the wines. On this NYS winery tour they will tell you about the exact process of making all the types of wines that the winery specialize in and you could ask any questions that you might have. There are also specific methods used to store and mature the wine which will also be explained and if you are lucky they might offer a tasting out of one of the barrels in the cellar.

During this NYS winery tour small tales of the farm and its history will also be told – this is usually the part enjoyed by the kids. They always have a lot of questions because the ways of the old days intrigue them so much. Don’t think twice about taking your children with or not, they will enjoy it just as much as you. The actual wine tasting isn’t the main part of the tour so they will be able to enjoy all the other things with you.

If you think you will want to purchase some wine on the NYS winery tour then definitely take money with because there will be a shop where you can buy some of the wines that you tasted. If you are lucky there might be bit of a discount because you took the tour and bought wine. Make sure you taste all the wines you are interested in, and then you won’t be disappointed with the taste when you buy and drink it at home.

Lunch at the restaurant will also be a highlight because most restaurants on the NYS winery tours have great chefs and the menu will impress. Make sure you order some of the wine that you’ve taste on the tour to accompany your lunch and if you aren’t sure which one you should order – ask the chef what he/she would recommend.

Don’t sit and wonder if you should take a NYS winery tour, rather get some information online and start phoning around to arrange your tour. Phone friends and family and you can even do it in a group! You won’t be disappointed!