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NY Vineyard Tours

When going out for the day or the entire weekend on one of the fantastic NY vineyard tours, you will taste a wide array of exquisite wines, and will surely purchase a few bottles from the various vineyards and wineries that you stop off at. There are a few wines that are simply delicious, and every person enjoying the adventure of a wine tour in this area, must taste! Some of them have won awards, and wine connoisseurs across the country have handpicked most of them, to be placed on the top ten wine list of Long Island! Osprey’s Dominion 200- Flight Meritage is one of these truly distinguished wines of the area, with a rich mouth feel and lingering after taste, this merlot and cabernet blend is truly out of this world! This wine won the “Best in Class” award in 2004 at the New York State Fair, as well as a double gold medal at the Tasters Guild International – so keep your eyes open for this fabulous creation!

Another wine you must try when experiencing the NY vineyard tours is in fact a creation of the oldest vineyard in the region, and definite stop on any wine tour! Castello di Borghese 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is a lovely full-bodied red wine, boasting subtle hints of vanilla, black cherry, licorice and black plum.

Then there’s the 2002 Sherwood House Merlot, which is a warming, melting wine of fragile make up. This wine abounds with fruits and spices, like fresh raspberries and pepper noses! The Laurel Lake 2002 Syrah is created in a unique way, aging for a year and a half within French Oak, before being bottled and sold to the public. It has deep, intense flavors, and silky mouth feels, and has also won many international competitions for a wine of its’ class! This is one of those bottles that you will only open on a very special occasion!

When visiting the Lieb Cellars on one of the NY vineyard tours, you must request to taste their Chardonnay Reserve, which is another award winner of marzipan and pear flavors, and a complete stability in the finish – a glorious wine for a hot summer’s day! Martha Clara 2004 Five-O White is a symphony of many wines – chardonnays, sauvignon blancs, Semillons, a touch of viognier and also some gewürztraminer! This exquisite and unusual blend gives the wine an exotic feel to it, with heady aromas and ideal enjoyed with seafood dishes. This wine is another award winner as well.

When you stop off at the Macari Vineyards, taste the Reserve Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, which is a rare and unique wine, not mass-produced like some of the others – these grapes are in fact hand selected! The wine has creamy caramel flavors, with hints of pear and apple, and is remarkably textured on one’s palate! These are just a few of the recommended wines to try while on your NY vineyard tours – which undoubtedly there will be many of, as you will return many times after experiencing the fun and excitement of one!