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New York State Wine Tours

Many people have lived in New York all their lives, but have never ever been on one of the fabulous New York State wine tours, which is something that every one should do! You can go on one of these trips with a large group of friends in a bus, or just those closest to you – making it a lavish affair in a limo! You can even go so far as to host your wedding out on one of these exquisite vineyards, where an entire party would be welcome, although you will need to book quite a bit in advance. You can arrange with your tour company which wineries and vineyards you’d like to stop off at, or if you’d like to see them all, then you can always stay the night at a bed and breakfast or hotel, and see the other half the next day, or even over a few days – as there are 26 vineyards open for visitation, where you can enjoy tasting the varieties of wines.

The main reason why all the wine farms on the New York State wine tours are mainly located within the stretch that is Long Island is because this area has prime characteristics for wine growing, with a mild climate and nourishing soil – it couldn’t be more perfect for growing grapes, and even producing them right there on the farms themselves!

Most of the places you will undoubtedly stop over at are both vineyards and wineries in one, meaning that the grapes are grown on site, and the wines are also created on the farm, and sometimes even bottled at source! You will be taken throughout the process of transformation from grapes into wine, and shown the equipment used in this transformation, so it will be an educational visit for you and your companions. After viewing the operations of the wine farm, you might like to have lunch (most of these vineyards and wineries have restaurants), and then enjoy some delicious wine tasting!

While on the New York State wine tours, you will also be able to browse through some of the charming antique stores, magnificent boutiques and even buy a few freshly baked loaves of bread and jams at the farm stalls you will surely come across. You can also arrange with your tour coach driver to stop off at the coast, where you can stretch your legs and get some fresh air at the many pristine beaches in the area, and maybe even enjoy an afternoon picnic in one of the many parks. You will definitely want to purchase a few bottle of wine from the various vineyards, as they will be at a greatly reduced price compared to when they are sold in the city at the many liquor stores. Interestingly up to half a million cases of wine from these vineyards in Long Island are made and sold each year – that’s a tremendous amount of wine! You will enjoy purchasing some of it for gifts for friends and family back home, and also to add to your wine collection, if you have one.